Transportation services

Our target is to deliver our product to a customer “from door to door” thus ensuring the high quality of the delivered product minimising the customer’s additional concerns and saving his/her time.
We will deliver even 1 ton of our product to your door!


-  Minimum quantity of product delivery to a customer (1 IBC container, 1 ton);
- Transportation of our products by road transport (tank trucks, ISOTANK, FLEXITANK, IBC type containers);
- Transportation of products by railway transport (railway tanks, ISOTANK, FLEXITANK, IBC type containers);
- Transportation of products by sea (ISOTANK, FLEXITANK, IBC type containers).
- Delivery of products by road transport in IBC containers. (minimum order – 1 IBC container, 1 ton).

Rapeseed meal and cake

- Delivered in bulk by rail, by road. Packaged cake is delivered by auto- transport in covered semi-trailers.

Warehousing and storage services

  We provide warehousing and storage services.
The geographical location of the terminal is favourable and convenient to transportation. In Lithuania, there is the terminal of liquid products, which capacity in different tanks is 1000 tons of different sorts and quality oil products. The capacities of the terminal allow to load and unload daily to 500 tons of oil products from/to railway transport, road transport as well as to pour into IBC containers. In future, it is planned to increase the tanks and loading and unloading capacity of the terminal.

Other services

- First processing of oil (cleaning, refining, filtering) services;
- Reloading services;
- Pouring, container filling, packing services;
- Import - export services.

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