In today's trading we face with the intense competition, which encourages us to achieve high quality standards.
The Plenonis Ltd.  is certified by ISCC (Eng. - International Sustainability and Carbon Certification) standard.

- Certification is An instrument to distinguish sustainable products from unsustainable in the market;
- Certification distinguishes responsible farms and businesses;
- ISCC is an advanced and the first recognized scheme, in line with the BLE (German Agriculture and Food federal body);
- ISCC is an experience-based, effective and efficient system;
-  ISCC provides more security for socially responsible companies;
-  ISCC is a global system, covering all types of biomass, and can be applied to both the EU and the overseas markets. This system can facilitate trade both nationally and internationally;
- ISCC is not a closed system - one of the main features is a balanced representation of stakeholders and transparent processes.

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