Rapeseed - is one of the oldest vegetable oils.
We may bravely say that it is one of the lots crops, which  brightens the nature not only by their specific scent, but also their beauty, not to mention the benefits given by these crops.
Previously the rapeseed crops were not very popular, because the comprehensive use of this crop yields was not fully investigated. It was confined to the production of feed. However, nowadays, the popularity of rape is so pronounced that it takes up most of the crop in terms of benefits.
Currently rapeseed is cultivated primarily as oil crop from which vegetable oil is extracted for human nourishment, feed production and most share of the rapeseed oil consumption is for the production of biodiesel.


- Rapeseed oil (crude, unprocessed, unfiltered) expelled using the cold and hot method of seed pressure.
Qualitative parameters:
Rapeseed oil, crude, containing existing phosphorus content:
1. Up to 10 ppm (mg / kg);
2. Up to 30 ppm (mg / kg);
3. Up to 100 ppm (mg / kg);
4. Up to 300 PPM (mg / kg);  
5. Up to 500 PPM (mg / kg).

The acidity of the FFA in rapeseed oil includes:
1. Up to 1 % (up to 2 mg KOH / g);
2. Up to 2 % (up to 4 mg KOH / g).

Upon special needs of a customer, we may supply refined, filtered and saturated rapeseed oil to the tare desired by the customer.


The rapeseed oil has been distinguished from other types of oil for the abundance of vitamins necessary to a human organism as well as for the presence of omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids in its composition.
Nutritionists acknowledge that rapeseed oil has the best percentage of the fatty acid composition. Rapeseed oil is recognized by lots of professional health organizations, including the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and the American Heart Association.
The United States Food and Drug Administration has officially recognised rapeseed oil to be healthy for its high content of cholesterol-lowering fats.


Rapeseed oil is one of the best products of mixed fodder production. Feed, which is used in the production of rapeseed oil has a lot of nutrients and energy properties.


Biodiesel is an environmentally clean fuel for diesel engines. It is the methyl ester of fatty acids produced using rapeseed oil. It can be used pure (100 percent FAME) in Diesel engines or in the mixtures of different relations with mineral diesel.


In the process of the production of rapeseed oil, the most part of the outcome product is rapeseeds meal or cake.
The rapeseed cake is a valuable, concentrated and protein feed additive for livestock. It has a high nutritional and energy value, has a lot of essential amino acids. Cake has up to 41 percent protein and up to 16 percent fat. Lots of feeding specialists note that the rapeseed cake is one of the alternatives to soybean meal.

Qualitative parameters (indicators):
 Rapeseed cake:
Humidity up to 11 %
Fats up to 16 %
Proteins up to 36 %
Fibre up to 16 %

Rapeseed meal:
Humidity up to 12 %
Fats up to 1.4 %
Proteins up to 41 %
Fibre up to 24 %

Rapeseed meal and cake are powdery products, which may be granulated and non-granulated, bulk or packed in 500 kg or 1000 kg big bags.

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